3D printers revolution

I remember when I had Commodore C64 I wanted to have printer, now I have one and You know what is on my shop list – 3D Printer. The idea has been around for 3 decades and now it’s going to our homes.

What are the reasons to buy 3D Printer?

  • First of all – You can print practically everything You need. Now there are thousands and thousands of project files on the Internet. So You don’t need to know how to design parts – because it’s a high possibility someone did it before. And there’s a good chance that if You ask nicely somebody will design it for You.
  • Secondly – If You know how to design 3D parts and You have 3D Printer – now that’s the point where fun begins. Design it – print it – use it, sell it, give it away – it’s yours do whatever You want with it.
  • Thirdly – It’s cheap. 3D Printer, a good 3D printer You can get below 1000Ł, and the material is very cheap – 10Ł for 1kg (2,2 pounds).

3D printers

So what to print?

  • plastic parts that You can’t buy – broken parts of furniture and others,
  • your own designs – prototypes if You will,
  • toys for children
  • toys for yourself Puszczam oczko
  • shoes – yes 😉
  • other people designs that you find interesting

OK, I’m myself am convinced – I’ll buy 3D Printer and maybe for one more reason – to let my children learn. Learn to design and to develop things on their own. It wasn’t around when I was 10 – and that’s the best age for learning things. If You thing it’s too hard for your children – think again – in a week they will be making their own projects and know more than You would ever think that they will.

So – check out 3D printing videos and don’t hesitate its fun and practical.

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