5 old smartphones yet to buy – just for fun

There was many great smartphones in the last 5-6 years and some of them was a pearls on the market. I didn’t get them all – so right now here are 5 devices that will become mine in the next few months. Mobile Phones Online

Number 5


HTC Evo 3DAbout three years ago it suppose to be the next big thing on the smartphones market and become nothing than just a part of history – 3D in phones. 3D display plus ability to take 3D photos. Now we know it didn’t worked as planned, but it was top shelf smartphone – know it’s cheap and it’ll be fun to have one. .
I can buy one from Amazon under 100 pounds – HTC EVO 3D

Number 4

Samsung Wave 2 or 3

…haven’t decided yet ;).

samsung wave3Although the OCEAN (BADA) is dead the Wave series S were great smartphones. I had the first one – which I consider to be great alternative for the iPhone. I always was curious about the 2 and 3 and never had the chance to use them.

Samsung Wave 2 S8530 is around 70 pounds, and Samsung Wave 3 S8600 – around 100 Ł.

Number 3

Nokia N8

Nokia N8Another dead smartphone system – Symbian, but Nokia N8 was considered the best smartphone in it;s time. And definitely with the best camera. The feature I’m interested in is the camera and the FM Transmitter. In the first I’m interest in the quality. And the transmitter can send sound to FM receiver – any radio – like a car radio.

Nokia N8 will require investment of around 80 – 90 pounds.

Number 2

Nokia N9

nokia n9The first and only touch powered smartphone, if you had it in your hands and used it – you know what I’m taking about. If you hadn’t – let me tell you that Nokia N8 doest have any physical buttons and all the actions are performed on the touch screen. It’s system is discontinued – shame, but we can’t do anything about it.

Nokia N9 is available at price around 140 pounds.

Number 1

Sony Xperia Play

sony xperia play

The idea to have phone and game console isn’t new – just look at the 2003’s Nokia NGage. The advantage is that the Android have many more games than NGage had. Sony Xperia Play is a slider with game pad build in. I always wanted to try it out and now I will.

Sony Xperia Play is around 100 pounds.

Those are the five smartphones I want to buy and use, even if it won’t be for a long time – I’m curious.

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