DeadPool the movie 2016

DeadPool the movie 2016 – has been more fun than I thought it would be. Never liked this character, but now I can see that violence plus jokes equals FUN. And Ryan Reynold finally redeems himself for destroying superheroes.

It seems that mr. Reynolds is better Marvel (anti)hero than DC hero. There’s been only one actor who successfully played two Marvel heros and that is Chris Evans. No mater what you say – the FF from 2005 is the best FF film ever made. ūüėČ

Back to DeadPool – after a disappointing appearance in Wolverine Origins I thought it’s over. Come on – a merc with a mouth – who doesn’t have a mouth and he must scream? ūüėČ This just couldn’t worked out. So this time DeadPool talks and talks a lot – he doesn’t shut up – at least not when he’s awake. ūüôā


It’s been a solid origin story – different one from what we knew from the comics, but still – solid. And because the film was on a tight budget we don’t see characters like Wolverine or Professor X – instead we have just two X-Men – Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. That’s the first time I head of her – but I wasn’t into comics lately.

And let me tell you Colossus – for the first time is made how he supposed to be made – big, metal and Russian. ūüôā

DeadPoll is one of the more known character who breaks the fourth wall. The 4th wall is an imaginary wall between characters and audience – if some one in the movie speaks directly to the audience that’s when we say he brakes the fourth wall. And DP does that all the time.

One thing missing was the teleport which DP in this movie didn’t possess. And we don’t know if he’ll get it in the next one, but even without it he’s hilarious.

I recommend this movie as strongly as I don’t recommend the new Fantastic Four. ūüôā

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