Final Fantasy Brave Exvius why it sucks

Probably many of you like or even love Final Fantasy series. Believe me – me too, but after sometime with FFBE I have to say it sucks. Let me give you few examples.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a mobile game for iOS and Android, and like many RPGs before it’s a F2P (free to play) release with in game purchases. You know what that means – Pay or Wait. But that’s not a problem, I understand why they did it, and games aren’t developed for free. I’m cool with that.

Let me give you a list of what makes this game suck IMO:

  1. You can’t choose a character. Apart from two story characters which…let’s say they aren’t very likeable. The game is advertised as an adventure with known characters from other FF. But. You have to summon new character and it will be a random choice. You have ten summon tickets and for another you pay with lapis, which you can buy for real world money. If you’ll get characters you don’t like well then game is more useless struggle than fun.
  2. Not too much energy. This one is of course derivative of F2P style, and you can’t expect much. That’s why I’d prefer to pay for the game.
  3. You can level up by paying at the beginning and the story is getting too easy. The level up system is screwed. You can enhance your units with another units and gain levels by doing so. So you can start the game with level 20 while the enemies are level 3. Sounds like fun but it isn’t, because of limited gameplay time.
  4. Characters have rarity levels. Now for players.this is really stupid idea. You have stars which correspondence with character rarity. And every star level had it’s own exp levels. For example you have 3 star character and it has 40 levels to achieve, when you do that you can awaken your character – it’ll give you 4 stars and 60 levels, but guess what you start at level 1. You just lost all your HP, all your magic, abilities and rest of the stats. Great huh? You have to start over and pay for the energy to do it.

  5. Enemies and items. Another BS is a fact that enemies don’t drop any items, all they drop is materials, which you can use to produce items, abilities, etc. To get any items you have to buy them. Potions, antidotes, anything useful in the battle has to be purchased. Every Final Fantasy I remember had the enemies that dropped items, some of them had to be stolen but there were items. In this game no items come from the enemies.
  6. Materials. The enemy drop material, but in many cases it’s not enough. Even playing over 20 hours I still didn’t have enough materials to make simple items.
  7. Items are expensive. Do I have to say more?
  8. Espers, one would think Esper is getting experience while it’s summoned. Well think again, here you’re using crystals which are quite rare, to enhance you Espers. And then you can teach them new abilities. It takes time a lot of time. Even the developer recognize it that’s why we have crystals weekend where you can get a lot of them in exchange for energy, enemy for lapis and lapis for you money.
  9. You don’t know what magic or abilities the characters have until you train them. So you could end up with useless abilities after sending a lot of time. It’s not that bad because we have the internet.
  10. The internet, the game needed to be constantly connected with the network or it will not work. Every purchase, every change is saved in the cloud, so there are lots of connecting and saving screens.
  11. Now this one’s OUTRAGEOUS. You go to chamber of experience where you can get 30 000 exp. That’s a lot. And guess what the experience is divided by 5, even if three of your characters are on max level. In short you waste 18 000 of exp. That’s why I’m plying less.
  12. The developer is giving stuff to new players and forgets about the ones that are currently playing. FU for that. It’s understandable, but not excusable.
  13. Because of the randomness of character giving I don’t have Fran, Exdeath, Chizuru or other great characters. I did get them on another device; the problem was it wasn’t mine so I couldn’t keep the account.
  14. Everything is divided – you want to train Espers – get crystals – oh but you can’t get them from battles, you want items – make them from materials – you have the materials – great – now go and get the recipe first.

The game isn’t finished. They’re supposed to be another chapters coming. So to be continued….

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