National Insurance Number NiNo in UK

How to get the National Insurance Number NINo in UK? I know I wrote about it not so long ago, but today my fiancée had her interview so here’s fresh and up-to-date info.

First of all if you’re polish you don’t need any shit like letter from the employer or confirmation of the address or bank account. All you need is a passport or better ID (dowód osobisty) – why – because in ID there’s more relevant info.

The interview took around 15-20 minutes including time to make a photocopy of the ID. Job Centre Plus clerk will use the ID to fill all the information that he/she needs.

What are the questions:

  • What do you need NINo for? or Are you working, looking for work?
  • Have you ever before applied for National insurance Number?
  • When have you come to UK?
  • Do you have any other nationality?
  • Will you be staying at this address for at least four weeks? (Minimum amount of time to deliver the NINo)
  • Are you married?
  • Is the phone number correct?
  • Have you been working in UK before?

The clerk was very pleasant and tried to speak polish with great results: podpisz tutaj, dziękuję :).

That’s all- you’ll get a confirmation of your presence at the interview and will be instructed what to do if you won’t get your NINo in four weeks.

So if you came from Poland don’t hesitate – call, set up the interview because there’s really nothing you need for it.


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