PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Which one would I choose?

Some would say – “great question”, no it’s not a great question, it’s stupid question and you know why? I’ll tell you why – keep reading and I’ll tell you exactly why. OK – Fu*k It – coz it doesn’t matter!

Let me give you an example – if there was a  third option: a console that is more powerful than X1 or PS4, or ever more powerful than both of them combined, and the price is reasonable or even lower than X1 or PS4. Would you buy it?

Yes. Why?

No. Exactly – not without more information. Why? Because it is the games what sells the devices not the other way around!

So take a look at the games, which games would you be willing to play, are there exclusives that you have to have, how much are he games, can you borrow a game from a friend, can you buy the second hand? And so on.

Sony Playstation 4

PlayStation 4 and Xbox are comparable if it comes to performance, yes we all know that PS4 probably takes a lead – but it doesn’t matter much. Unless you’re counting pixels – in that case stop reading right now! 😉

If you can – get both. If not – take a look what your friends have – will they be willing to lend you games? If not you still gonna buy something – so maybe don’t borrow them anything. 😛

If you’re looking for one – check out the AMAZON – there’s always something to choose from.

Maybe previously used are more suitable – EBAY can’t be wrong.

Everything you want to buy is on EBay.


Get the system that will let you enjoy the games – because it all about entertainment.

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