Resident Evil 4 Extreme/Insane Condition Mod

Here you can find Extreme Condition Mod for RE5 and in this post I’m gonna present ECM for Resident Evil 4. Both (and more) made by Luis Webber – check out his channel on YT.

Resident Evil 4 is considered to be one of the best game of the series. First game in full 3D has also introduced new game style – more action oriented.

Years has passed and the game stayed the same – which means it became boring – the same enemies, same places. We didn’t want to play it any more because of the reasons above.

But – there is one mod that can make you play it one more time. Take a look:

This mod makes the game harder, with enemies in different places – with multiple bosses and hard to kill enemies in regular game.

I highly recommend this mod to anyone who ever enjoyed RE4 – look for Luis channel on YT – you will find download links in he description of his movies.

Have fun and great work Luis. ūüôā

If you’re interested in buying Resident Evil Game for any platform – here’s the Amazon link – Resident Evil Games.

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