Samsung Galaxy S6 – how cheap it got?

It’s been around nine months since the premiere of Samsung Galaxy S6 and in that time the price has dropped significantly. For today (mid November) the lowest monthly cost is offered by the Carphone Warehouse in the O2 network.

Galaxy S6 is and for a long time will be top high-end device on the market and even when next year Samsung introduces S7 there still will be lots of reasons to buy SGS6.

Let’s get to the point – 27.5 pounds a month for:

  • unlimited calls in the UK,
  • unlimited texts,
  • 1GB data,
  • and ofcourse Samsung Galaxy S6 without upfront cost.

Sounds like a bargain. ūüôā

If you’re inerested you can use the links on the left for the Carphone Warehouse or the banner in the middle if your adblock is off.

samsung galaxy s6

The main features of SGS6 in my opinion are:

  • Display – Super AMOLED with quad HD resolution 1440 x 2560 px,
  • Chipset – new 64bit Exynos 7420 with eight cores – quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 and quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57,
  • Design – new and not so unique as many sees iPhone 6 in it – but still it’s rather nice,
  • Camera – 0.7 sec start with double home button click, fast AF and great quality.

You might want the S6 for any other reason – the finger print reader or wireless charging, whatever the reason – like I said before it’s gonna be a great hone for a long time.

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