SSD for laptop with HDD in DVD caddy

Recently I’ve bought SSD disk for my laptop and because of the SSD prices – it’s only 128GB. This means NO space at all. But I found a solution how to use old HDD for storage – without sacrificing almost anything.

The solution is to use HDD caddy which is replacing the CD/DVD drive in the laptop. Because I rarely use this drive I decided to give it a try.


The SSD disk – A-Data 128GB costs around 35-40 quid – you can find SSD’s on EBay or Amazon – links in the post.

The HDD caddy is 5 quid – also on EBay.


In this setup I have 50GB SSD for the system and around 62 GB SSD for stuff and 500GB HDD – for storage. No CD/DVD drive, but maybe I can use external if I’ll need one.


Here’s how the HDD is performing standalone:

ssd for laptop

And the same for SSD:

ssd for laptop

And now both disks SSD

ssd for laptop


ssd for laptop

I can see hat the speed on the HDD is limited to around 60MB/s – that’s probably due to bus limit. But it’s not that bad. Speed for SSD didn’t change.


I’m fairly happy with this set up – there’s fast SSD and lots of space on he HDD. If you’re upgrading your laptop – think of this solution – as it saves money and gives SSD boost your old laptop needs. And one more reason – when I choose boot device I can start the computer from the HDD.

Notice – If you’re planning to buy stuff on EBay or Amazon – please use links in his post – commission will help me continue writing this blog. THANKS! ūüôā

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